About Me…

There once was a boy who lived a very “dirty” life. He never bathed or washed himself. His family also lived a very “dirty” life and all of the people he hung out with lived “dirty”lives. He never really knew anything different. Then, one day, a stranger came to visit with him, his family and his friends. The stranger explained to them the difference between living a “dirty” life and living a “clean”life. Through this visit the boy came to realize how “dirty” he was and his need to take a bath.

Most of his family and friends said the stranger was wrong. They decided that they liked their lives just the way they were. They liked being covered with dirt! The boy, even though his family and friends laughed at him, was very tired of the dirt in his life and decided that he wanted to take a bath. When he was finished with his bath, clean for the first time in his life, he felt much better…but he was not sure how to stay clean.

He went to the stranger and asked him, “How do I stay clean?” The stranger gave him an instruction book on how to stay clean and told him if he read it, and put what he read into practice, he would find the answer to his question. He also told the boy that if he ever needed him all he needed to do was call for him and he would be there.

The boy was very happy, at first, and took the book home to read. Soon, however, he became bored with the book and began to again go out with his “dirty” friends and play “dirty” games. But, something in him had changed! He soon found out that the games were not as fun as they used to be. They were not as exciting anymore and, besides that, they made him feel really “dirty”. He did not like that at all! Also, as he looked at his friends who had never taken a bath, he noticed that their whole bodies were dirty; but when he looked at himself he saw that only his feet were dirty; the rest of his body was still clean.

He then remembered the time when he made the decision to take a bath and how he really liked being clean…all of him, including his feet! He immediately stopped, turned around, and began walking away from the dirty people and the dirty games and went looking for the stranger who gave him the instruction book. When he could not find him, he began to cry. He then remembered the stranger’s promise that if he needed him all he needed to do was call. As he called for the stranger his tears began to fall on his feet. He watched with joy as the dirt was washed away.

Michael Rueffert

“…A person who has had a bath (received Christ) need only to wash his feet (confess, repent and ask forgiveness when he sins); his whole body is clean (he/she is covered by the sinlessness of Christ, through their belief in Him).” John 13:10

“Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet you also should wash one another’s feet.  I have set an example for you that you should do as I have done for you.”

Jesus…as recorded in John 13:14


2 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Great stuff to reflect on! keep up the good work – you are a faithful servant and beloved son of The Most High God. From another Harry


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