Inner Conflicts…

I have heard it said that confession is “telling God what He already knows”.  So why do it?

In the midst of a traumatic period in my life and facing the very difficult consequences of my failures, I read a short devotional from the Our Daily Bread publication.  The article was written by Julie Akerman Link and entitled “On Being Known”.   She speaks of the cognitive distortions…the “inner conflicts” waging war within our hearts and minds relative to “our desire to be known versus our fear of being known”.  She speaks of the healing that is available to anyone who has the courage to be transparent about their failures.

It was during this time of trauma that I found how easy it was to confess my failures to God…but how very difficult it was to confess to my family and friends. But as difficult as it was, I found that it was only in transparency with both God and others that I found amazing expressions of grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, healing…and freedom.

Take a look at “On Being Known” at this link:

You will be blessed.

Michael Rueffert


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